Our goal in the BioSim project is to help early elementary students (k-2) explore complex systems concepts by engaging in participatory simulations where they take on the role of honeybees (BeeSim) or ants (AntSim) foraging for food. To support students in embodying these roles, they work with electronic puppets that help track their food collection activities and provide real-time feedback to them.

Our research has focused on how first person and third person experiences of the system support students’ learning, and how they transfer their ideas to new contexts (e.g., moving from bees to ants).

This work was funded by the National Science Foundation: Grant Abstract

Note that this work extends my prior work on BeeSign.

For more information, see: http://www.iu.edu/~biosim/
Selected publications:
  1. Thompson, N., Peppler, K., & Danish, J. (2016). Designing BioSim: Playfully Encouraging Systems. In R. Zheng & M. K. Gardner (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Serious Games for Educational Applications (p. 149). IGI Global .
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This project was co-directed with: Kylie Peppler and Armin Moczek.