ENGAGE AI: Food Justice: ECA Testing

Batch submission

Individual submission

ECA Types Explanation

ECA Type Description
GEMSTEP_Observing Responds to student observations, ideas, and questions after a round of "BeeVR". Offers advice & asks probing questions to support scientific inquiry.
FoodJustice_RileyEvaluation; FoodJustice_MayorEvaluation Riley (community activist) gives feedback on draft arguments; Mayor gives final feedback on polished arguments and determines game end
GameHelp Answers general questions about how to play the game and offers guidance for open-ended narrative.
GameHelp_Collaboration Answers questions about working well with others, supports students having collaboration difficulties.
Knowledge_Pollination Answers informational science questions about pollination, plants, and honeybees.
Knowledge_FoodJustice Answers informational questions about food justice and food systems.

Context options for GEMSTEP_Observing

Context Bee Flower
  1. In the parking lot.
  2. In the garden.
  1. Some bees lived.
  2. All the bees died.
  3. All the bees lived.
  1. Many flowers were pollinated.
  2. Few flowers were pollinated.

Note that context only works for GEMSTEP_Observing so far and will be ignored by the other ECAs. You can add one of the sentences for each of the following separated by a period.