##Fall 2015

  1. p544: Applied Cognition and Learning Strategies
  2. p631: Theorizing learning in context

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##Previous Courses 1. p574: Computational Technologies in Educational Ecosystems [dtg posts for this course] - I received honorable mention in the 2010 international Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) for this course. You can read a description of the course on the OpenEd website or see my award presentation here. - Spring 2011 2. p544: Applied Cognition and Learning Strategies - Fall, 2009 [dtg posts for this course] - Spring, 2010 (Online) - Spring, 2009 (Online) 3. p540: Learning and Cognition - Spring, 2011 (Online)

Note: This only includes those courses taught since I came to Indiana University. For courses taught at UCLA please contact me.